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As the editor-in-chief of the scientific quarterly "Nieruchomości@", I am pleased to present you the first, inaugural issue of the journal.


There were various reasons for initiating this scientific project, and the direct inspiration was the interdisciplinary issue of real estate reprivatisation. On the market of scientific publications there is no magazine presenting real estate issues from the point of view of aspects relevant to administrative, civil, economic and criminal law.

The main motive for the creators of "Nieruchomości@" was to establish a platform for the presentation and exchange of scientific theoretical views in the area of broadly understood issues related to real estate and for developing the proper practice of law application.

The journal is addressed to representatives of all legal professions, persons conducting research, theoreticians and practitioners of law in various fields of professional activity. Highly quality of texts, an interesting selection of topics and an engaging presentation thereof in the journal are guaranteed by the Scientific Council, consisting of outstanding representatives of science.

"Nieruchomości@" will be delivered free of charge, in electronic and paper version, to courts, prosecutor offices, government administration units, local government and other entities responsible for public administration tasks, and university libraries – available to all interested legal professionals.

Wide access to the journal content will be provided by its publication on the Ministry of Justice’s website: nieruchomoś

By giving you the first, inaugural issue of the scientific quarterly “Nieruchomości@”, I would like to thank the authors of texts, members of the Scientific Council, the Editorial Board and other people who have made this project possible.

I encourage all legal theoreticians and practitioners to publish in our quarterly. I also hope that it will give readers the opportunity to extend their knowledge and inspire them in scientific and professional work.


I wish you a pleasant read.

dr Anna Dalkowska


Editor-in-Chief of Nieruchomości

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