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It is our pleasure to present you a new quarterly dedicated to the legal aspects of real estates, published by the Ministry of Justice.

Our goal is to create a scientific journal devoted to various legal issues on the broadly understood real estate market. The normative regulations regarding real estate trading and a wide range of problems in real estate use remain the subject of unflagging interest in both theory and practice.

The publisher wishes to publish valuable works of representatives of science and practice, showing both new and fundamental problems, constructs and solutions in this field, regardless of the branches of law (in particular civil, administrative and tax law). An important element of the quarterly will be the review of new normative acts and judicature, including comments to new crucial decisions of the most important courts – the Constitutional Tribunal, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.

As the Chairman of the Scientific Council, I encourage all representatives of legal sciences and practitioners – judges, lawyers, legal advisers, notaries and prosecutors – who are professionally engaged in the issues of the real estate market – to publish in "Nieruchomości@". The quarterly is a scientific publication. Bearing this in mind, the publisher’s goal is to make it available to representatives of study of law, as well as to create a forum for the exchange of views and experiences, including polemics and voices in discussions of particular problems. This is possible only by taking into account the positions of both the study of law and the representatives of legal professions participating on a daily basis in solving legal issues in the real estate market. Then, "Nieruchomości@” quarterly will fill an important gap on the market of periodicals.

I also hope that thanks to your involvement and interest the quarterly will become an important and valuable journal and will gain a solid position on the market of legal scientific periodicals and recognition in the legal environment, in particular in among practitioners specialising in real estate trading.


Dr hab. Kamil Zaradkiewicz

Judge of the Supreme Court

Chairman of the Scientific Council

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